Have you already seen "A life on our planet" by @davidattenborough? Directed by Jonathan Hughes, Keith Scholey, Alastair Fothergill, available on Netflix and in our link in bio (Documentary Mania).

This documentary conveys a fundamental message for humanity and all of us should take the time to watch it and reflect on this decisive historical period in which we are living. That is why we add it to our selection #CHECKITOUT David Attenborough warns of the dangers facing the planet and, above all, humanity and sets out the guidelines that must be followed to remedy the possible collapse that will come if drastic measures are not taken. Throughout the documentary, the beginnings of David Attenborough's life and some of the expeditions that he has made throughout his life until he reached 94 years of age are reviewed. The entire process of change that the planet has undergone is reflected. 

With images that go from supreme beauty to absolute degradation, the documentary explains the importance of nature, biodiversity and marine ecosystems and shows us the difficulties we will face if we continue with the current unsustainable activity, It also shows us the great benefits and wealth that we could obtain if we learned to work with nature and not against it. Living sustainably by producing enough food, water and energy for everyone is possible, David Attenborough explains how. 

An essential documentary, objective and full of optimism to understand the environmental crisis we are currently facing.