HOW TO SAVE OUR PLANET. (a collaboraton between WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films)


In contrast to our previous post With the film "There 's no tomorrow" by Incubate Pictures, this Time we talk about "How to Save our Planet". An 8-minute short film full of optimism where Sir. David Attenborough begins the narrative with the question: How to create a future where both nature and humans can thrive? And it raises what is the challenge of our era: to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

The wonderful narrative leads us to understand how we got to the point where we are today: how we went from depending on nature to being able to determine its survival, how we are facing the highest biodiversity losses in history, and how if we keep going in this direction the consequences can be catastrophic.

Once the current context has been raised, 4 action plans are exposed to regain balance with nature and regain the hope of thinking that it is possible to coexist with nature in balance and abundance, conserving the planet as we know it, or even in better conditions .

Unmissable! A short film full of optimism that all of us must see to become aware of where we are as a species and how we can change towards a better future.