Diego and Mirko met working in the same company as boat captains. Due to their work, they know the current conditions of our seas and the environmental impact of nautical activity. For this same reason they both felt the need to do something about it and join forces in One Planet One Life.

They say when you have a clear objective you meet like-minded people on your way. This is how Chris appeared. Chris, like Mirko and Diego, worked on ships and it was his love for the island that led him to initiate several environmental conservation projects, which are ongoing to this day. Upon hearing of One Planet One Life Chris did not hesitate to want to be part of it and include it in his Ibiza Fènix social leadership platform.

The main objective of One Planet One Life is to increase public awareness and invite people to take daily action against climate change. When we talk about awareness, we talk about sowing the idea that only from sustainability we can talk about the future, because progress at the expense of our planet is not progress at all and on the way to our future the care of ecosystems and of people is essential.

“We only have one life at our disposal and only one planet to live on. We want to be the example ourselves and give a voice to the people who are doing their bit for a better future. We want to get out of victimhood and organize actions in which people have fun, eat well and want to come back bringing along more friends”.


And we hope that you too can join in on the action and SPREAD THE WORD !!

Union means strength!!!”